Another Quality Job,
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Another Quality Job

We go above and beyond your expectations because we are exceptionally qualified to provide you incomparable service and attention to detail. We adhere to strict guidelines to make sure the safety & quality of our work.
From the large-scale, intense projects to the small, easy jobs, Acosta Electric provides every customer the same service and quality they expect and deserve. We are dedicated to making sure each and every job is done properly, safely, on time, and at a fair price

What We Offer


Acosta Electric is a full service company for both residential and commercial electrical needs and is committed to going above and beyond our customer’s expectations.


Our primary mission is to bestow quality services at reasonable prices. Acosta Electric is constantly striving to be on the cutting edge, providing the high quality service and attention to detail your project deserves. We have found that it’s all in the details!


Our customers need reliable and dependable service with the assurance of knowing that the job will be completed on schedule. Our customers return time after time because of our highest-quality services delivered a timely manner by a trustworthy, professional electrician at affordable prices.


Acosta Electric offers very affordable products and services that align with your business or family’s needs and budget. Providing quality, honest & dependable service doesn’t need to come with an extravagant price tag. Your loyalty is appreciated!